Heather and Jimmi are excited about the baby, but Jimmi’s mood changes when talk turns to his father. Jimmi arrives at work, needing some space, but handy man Malcolm is there. He’s quite rude to Malcolm, but it turns out he has Parkinson’s and has tremors that are threatening the job he loves. Jimmi feels bad and makes sure Malcolm is getting the best care.

Jimmi tells Al his dad couldn’t cope once he lost his mum, and he and his sister were scared of him. He doesn’t want his kids feel like he did, but he’s worried that he might not be able to cope as a father.

Barry tells Mrs Tembe that he didn’t get the job he applied for and he resigned this morning. Mrs Tembe blames herself, if she hadn’t convinced him to apply, he’d still have his job. 

Zara takes Joe to the park and meets Lizzie and her daughter Evie. At lunch Joe bites Evie and Lizzie wonders if there’s something that’s upset him recently. Zara takes offence but is later reassured by Daniel.