Back at Toadie’s and in the throes of passion, Sonya stops things as she knows she needs to end her relationship with Troy before she carries on with Toadie. As Toadie tells Callum that they’re back together, Sonya is at Charlie’s ending her relationship with Troy. Troy doesn’t take it too badly and is happy when she says he can still see Callum, but when Jade winds him up saying there’s no way Sonya will let him see Callum, he flips out and heads over to Toadie’s.

Despite trying to calm him down, Troy is so wound up that he ends up punching Toadie and Callum sees. When Sonya finds out she’s upset and tells Toadie she’s going to speak to Troy. He doesn’t want her to go alone but she insists, assuring him she’ll see him in a public place. However, she goes to his hotel room and when she tells him she chooses Toadie, he can’t handle it and stops her leaving.

Summer is stressed when she’s trying to study and Chris and Andrew show up at the Kennedys. Andrew sulks at being turfed away, so Chris tells him he has to be there for her, even when she’s stressed.

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