Lauren still loves Brad, but realises there’s more to lose if they reunite. But when Josh sees them embrace, he misconstrues their body language and tells Terese Brad and Lauren are back together. Later, Terese takes a chance and kisses Paul before propositioning him.

After Paul tipped Paige off about Michelle and Dimato’s plan, she asks him for help – realising she’s in over her head. Paul is pulled up by Dimato over his betrayal and it gives him the confidence to push Dimato out of town – there’s room for only one king in Erinsborough.

Toadie’s anxious about using his crutches, without the safety net of his physio and snaps when Sonya pushes the issue. Later, Sonya runs into Karl and Susan when suddenly Toadie appears in the drive, on his crutches! Sonya, Karl and Susan are thrilled and Susan and Karl’s disappointment over the Lassiters debacle is forgotten.