A horrified Stacey dumps Dean

Stacey encourages Linda to tell Mick the truth about the rape. Worried that it could destroy their relationship, Linda can’t find the courage. Linda is dealt another blow when Johnny unexpectedly reveals that he’s leaving that night to go travelling for a year. Conceding that Mick needs to know the truth, Linda reveals Stacey that she’s going to tell him.

Meanwhile, Dean is stunned when Stacey finishes with him, quitting her job at Blades. When Dean sees Stacey talking with Linda, the penny suddenly drops. Confronting Linda, Dean warns her to stop telling ‘lies’ about him, insisting she tell Stacey to give him another chance. When Lee interrupts, wanting to know what’s going on, Dean blurts out the big family secret, that Linda and Mick aren’t married.

Emma confronts Lauren with the video footage from the USB stick that shows Lauren going into Lucy’s house on the night she was murdered. Lauren insists that she had nothing to do with Lucy’s death. Emma suggests they show Keeble the video so that Lauren can come clean about everything and prove her innocence. Max asks Emma if they can try again and she agrees.

Also, Kush gives Shabnam a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe.