It’s a challenging day for Mandy and Jimmi when busy New York lawyer, Brook Banning, arrives in Letherbridge to pay respects to her late aunt. Jimmi arrives at work feeling happy until Howard informs him that Brook plans to sue him. In panic, Jimmi goes into an OCD crisis and locks himself in his consulting room, so a concerned Karen phones Hermione who rushes over to help. 

When Hermione arrives, Jimmi blames her new technique for his worsening OCD, confusing him and panicking him further. But Hermione urges him to get over it – so what if he’s being sued, he’s done nothing wrong and the big shot American lawyer can get lost! Jimmi can’t help, but laugh as Hermione snaps him out of his crisis before cheekily suggesting they make the most of the spare 10 minutes she has left…

Later, Howard informs Jimmi that the threat of a lawsuit has been dropped.

Noticing that Valerie seems a little subdued when she arrives at work, Karen asks if she’s OK and admits she hates being a receptionist and has always wanted to work in fashion. A delighted Valerie encourages Karen to make a mood board outlining her dreams and, later, Valerie appraises Karen’s work – it’s awful but she lies like mad and tells her it’s perfect! Karen laps up Valerie’s encouragement to leave The Mill.