A hungover Casey faces going back to work

As last night’s events come flooding back, Casey realises he tried to kiss his boss! Later, Casey sneaks in for his shift at the gym and flirts with a girl all afternoon who provocatively asks him to seek her out at the caravan park. When Indi confronts Casey about kissing her he apologises and seeks out Tamara to see if he can connect with her, but she brushes him off. Alone again, Casey heads to the caravan park where he finds the girl he met earlier and follows her inside for some fun.

Leah receives the good news that VJ has tested negative to the gene, while Roo helps Irene at the Diner. Sally is relieved to hear VJ is OK, as she’s received bad news about the housing market. Leah offers to lend her money, but Sally refuses.

Tamara’s begun to remember parts of her captivity. She’s inundated by memories of her ordeal – specifically of Ricky helping her. She doesn’t tell Kyle, but is plagued by guilt – she now knows Ricky is the reason she survived being kidnapped by Adam.

Ricky’s sad she’s getting in between Brax and his brothers, but is interrupted by Tamara who admits she has memories of Ricky helping her. Kyle walks in to hear Tamara’s memories have returned.