Jan gets in touch with her mother, Sheila, who abandoned her as a baby and her husband, Paul, is extremely supportive. When Sheila starts crying during their first meeting and runs out, Jan follows and finds her talking to Paul. She realises Paul’s paid Sheila to pretend to be her mother to help her move on and devastated, Jan end their relationship. 

Andy from social services is on his way round to Ayesha’s. But Bren is rude during the meeting with Andy and when he spots an empty vodka bottle the game is up. He breaks the news to Ayesha that he’s arranged a Child Protection Conference to decide if Sierra is at risk of harm and  Bren must be there.

Zara finally corners Emma, denying that there is any element of personal vendetta against her during the partnership interviews. It was simply a question of the best person for the job – and that person was Jimmi.