A jealous Cain could cause someone pain

Strutting peacock Cain’s feathers are definitely ruffled by Charity’s close working relationship with Jai – but he’s not the only one in the village who’s put out by the Charity-Jai association. Ella doesn’t like Jai’s hands-on approach to his work with Charity. She wouldn’t be jealous, would she? After all, she’s been a bit more than hands-on with Jai in the past. Meanwhile, Cain wants to know who’s sweet enough on Charity to give her chocolates. He thinks it’s Jai and Charity lets him think that. But the gift is really from Jackson, a thank-you for asking him for advice on Jai’s building project. Charity doesn’t see why Cain should know that, though.

Henshall’s more than happy for Andy to know that he’s suspected of setting the fire and killing villagers. He gets Andy to the police station and pokes at his weak spots, but Andy just manages to keep a lid on his temper. He was at home with Ryan when the fire started so he’s got nothing to worry about… Has he?

Laurel thinks Doug has something to worry about when she finds out who his new woman is: it’s Hilary – her mother and his ex-wife.