A jealous David attacks Jason!

Jason and Tina tell a concerned Eileen about their plans to buy a property. But an angry David boasts to Jason how he put Gary behind bars to ensure he couldn’t get his hands on Tina. When Tina finds out she confronts David and tells him she never wants anything to do with him again.

Sally tells Kevin she wants to throw a party for her birthday. Kevin is much more preoccupied with Molly but he agrees. But when he goes to see her he spies Tyrone giving her a bunch of flowers and a kiss. However, Kevin has no idea that Tyrone is only telling her he’s cooking dinner to say sorry for spoiling the previous evening.

Joe is interested to hear how there was a black market for painkillers when Graeme was in the young offenders’ institution. Later a desperate Joe seeks Graeme out and asks him to get him some just until his back is better, and Graeme agrees to speak to his contact.

Also, Rosie tells Luke and Tony about her ideas for a new sexier lingerie range; Tony collects Maria and baby Liam from the hospital; Eddie continues to nag Anna about getting married but to no avail.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David is livid with Jason for stealing his girlfriend and decides to take action. Standing in front of Jason’s truck he forces him to slam on the brakes. All David’s pent up rage comes out and he starts reigning blows down on him. Joe and Graeme manage to pull him off, but the fight has done little for Eileen and Gail’s already frosty relationship. David puts on a brave face and tells Gail he’s over Tina. But later when he is alone with Ted, he can no longer hide his emotions and breaks down.

Maria‘s touched to discover Tony’s cleaned the house and made the effort for her and baby Liam. She tells him how grateful she is but suggests that maybe it’s time for him to move back home so she can get used to coping on her own. Tony agrees but both he and Maria are secretly gutted that he is leaving.

Sean chats up Leon at the gym and is pleased to learn that he’s single. But Leon thinks Sean and Jason are an item and Sean must prove otherwise.

Also, love is in the air as Jesse calls in the cab office and flirts with Eileen; Bill answers a personal ad in the Gazette unaware that it’s Pam’s.