A killer comes looking for Chas

*Second episode

Having made a call to get Chas bumped off to stop her blabbing to Chrissie, Robert is now desperate to call off the contract killing! Chas has said she’ll keep quiet so Robert thinks it’s probably best not to knock off his lover’s mum if he wants to keep Aaron sweet! But Robert can’t get hold of his shady contact – perhaps because he’s tied up on a job stalking Chas in Emmerdale! Will Chas survive as she unwittingly walks into the killer’s trap?
With Lachlan having been found guilty of sexual assault, but not sentenced to time inside, Alicia is in bits. She tries to put on a brave face, but it’s clear Alicia’s in a world of pain as she collapses in her sister Leyla’s arms. Having had words with Lachlan outside the court, Alicia’s totally shaken up – and David is fuming. Later, back at home, Alicia’s on a knife’s edge. And when she sees something dodgy on Jacob’s computer she just can’t take any more and decides they need a fresh start away from Emmerdale.
Rachel realises Sam has been lying to her when she overhears him talking to Lisa about visiting Charity in prison.