Ever since Jackson told Aaron that he’s in love with him, Aaron has been acting like a complete numpty – not the part-time numpty that he usually is. But the silly lad manages to muster enough maturity to suggest he and Jackson have a night out, which puts a smile on Jackson’s face. And they both have a laugh when Paddy and Marlon join them in a gay bar. But where Aaron goes trouble seems to always follow. A good night out is had by all but it ends in tragedy when Jackson’s van crashes onto a rail line and…smash! The van’s hit by a train.

Ryan’s prison blues get deeper after nasty Nathan pays him a visit. Nathan’s not happy because Faye’s contesting Mark’s will and he tells Ryan to get Faye to back off. Otherwise, well, anything could happen to a woman living alone. Furious Ryan has to be pulled off Nathan by the guards and later tells Officer Abi everything.

Getting to Faye could be easy for Nathan, too, as Declan is called away to Singapore, where his daughter needs him. Better get some stronger locks for your doors, Faye…

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