A Little Night Music!

Angie Bolen finally comes face to face with her murderous ex lover, Patrick Logan (John Barrowman). It happens shortly after Patrick viciously mows down her husband Nic while he’s out jogging. Nic is so badly injured that he’s hospitalised.

Angie’s convinced Patrick was responsible for the road accident and decides to go away for a few days with son Danny in case Patrick’s planning anything else. But when she goes home to pack, she finds Patrick waiting for her holding her gun. Is this the end of Angie?

Elsewhere, Lynette is alarmed when new lodger Eddie hears her son Porter dissing her and viciously attacks him. Lynette organises for some counselling sessions to help calm his temper, but the psychiatrist wants to see Eddie’s mum, too. Of course Eddie’s already killed her! When Lynette goes round to Eddie’s old house a neighbour says his mum hasn’t been seen for a while despite her car being in the drive. How long before Lynette susses that something is seriously wrong?

The arrival of a new piano in Susan’s house causes trouble. It leads to Gabby and Susan working out that Carl has been lending Mike money, and Susan’s furious! And Bree works out that Sam’s a nutter after she meets his supposedly ‘dead’ mother working at a supermarket. She tells Bree about a secret letter from Rex that tipped Sam over the edge. Bree later tells Orson and Andrew that she fears what Sam could now be capable of…

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