Has Pc Mel Ryder found a lad who has been missing for five years? When she tries to talk to a frightened 17-year-old young man who is covered in bruises she gets nowhere. But she discovers he’s carrying a Missing Person’s appeal for David Jarvis, who disappeared five years earlier. He says he’s David and, questioned further by DS Stevie Moss, says he’s been held captive and abused by a man called Gareth. Have the police solved a tragic case? David’s sister Michelle isn’t sure the teenager is her brother…

The officers talk to a local sex offender called Gareth who admits to paying David for sex – but only for the night before. And nothing happened because David freaked out and ran off. DS Max Carter discovers that David isn’t who he says he is. He’s Simon Eastfield, who has also been missing. It’s clear, though, that Simon has suffered abuse.

They quickly establish that the chief suspect in the David Jarvis case could be linked to Simon. His name’s Terence Scanlon and he’s been dead for a few years but his house has remained empty and a visit there confirms their suspicions. At Sun Hill, Simon talks about his abduction and reveals that he knew David. But can he tell Stevie what happened to him?