VJ and Jett hand out a flyer for Irene’s house party to a suspicious man, who’s looking for Andy Barrett. Both Spencer and Chris are surprised to discover that neither of them planned the party, but go anyway.

Meanwhile, Maddy and Josh try and encourage Andy on a job search and when Josh dares him to ask the Braxtons, Andy approaches Casey. Given their history, Casey’s shocked, but after Maddy admonishes Casey, he offers Andy a position at the gym.

Roo tells Leah about her disastrous date with Harvey, but Leah is thinking about where VJ is. John reveals he’s also lost Jett. Casey knows the boys will be busted so he offers to go find them.

With the party in full swing, the mysterious stranger arrives, still looking for Andy. He finds out where Andy works and heads to the gym. The party continues until Irene, Leah and John arrive, disgusted by the kids’ behaviour. Meanwhile, Andy closes up the gym and doesn’t notice the mysterious stranger break in…

Elsewhere, Hannah thinks Zac needs to allow himself to grieve otherwise the kids won’t connect to him. Meanwhile, Oscar’s still angry that Evelyn’s hanging out with Matt. Later, Zac makes peace with the twins asking them to help support him.