A mystery man steps up when Amber is lost

Josh finds out about Amber and Clay’s impending date and ends up gatecrashing – making a fool of himself. Later, he confides in Brad that he wants Amber back. Elsewhere, things take a turn for Amber and Clay when he refuses to take Amber home. Frustrated, Amber climbs out of the car. She’s alone, it’s late and she has no idea where she is. She’s shocked when a figure steps out in front of her. It’s Robbo.

Following Holly’s arrival, Karl’s on cloud nine and so it is with some reluctance that Susan brings him down to earth when she reveals Holly’s hostility towards her. Karl can only conclude she’s suffering jetlag or she’s feeling displaced being so far away from home. Later, Susan realises that Karl has failed to establish any boundaries with Holly, and is being manipulated as a result. Karl insists that’s not the case, but Holly has him wrapped around her finger.

After learning Lucas has bid successfully on the Eclipse Apartment, Vanessa wants to back out of the deal, but there’s no way out without losing the deposit.

Vanessa goes to Paul, who offers to buy the house at a ridiculously low price. Lucas refuses, and tells Vanessa they have no choice but to go ahead as planned.