A neglected Imogen turns to Mason

Imogen struggles to get her busy Mother to read her essay but when Josh returns, he gets all the attention. At school, Susan becomes suspicious of Josh’s essay when she notices it is very similar to Imogen’s. Frustrated that she appears invisible to her parents, Imogen attempts to kiss Mason in public in front of her mother. But Terese is too distracted by her work to notice.

Having been informed of Caroline’s allegations of sexual harassment against him, Paul blames Terese for firing Caroline. Toadie asks Sheila to be a witness is the case but Sheila is afraid of looking like a hypocrite because she hired Pete for his looks.

When Therese finds out that he was seen touching Caroline in Charlie’s, she suggests they make a settlement. Paul refuses to budge because he doesn’t believe that Caroline will ever appear in court to press her case as he has something over her.

Brad confides in Terese that Joshua is questioning his coaching methods, but Terese reassures him that can win Josh over by explaining his approach more clearly. Brad involves Josh in the training schedule and it looks like they might be back on track.