Josh invites Mrs Tembe over to his – he’d like to cook for her as a thank you – but she’s clearly freaked out and says she’s too busy. But she feels terrible, so calls him back and says she can come after all and ends up really enjoying Josh’s food. It turns out he’s a fantastic cook but Mrs Tembe is very disappointed to hear he can’t find work. Mrs Tembe obviously can’t give Josh a job but she can give him a few pointers about cooking on a budget. Josh says he can’t believe how lucky he was to have met Mrs Tembe and, although it’s an awkward moment, she flushes with pleasure.

Emma and Niamh are discussing Emma’s steamy weekend with Adam, and Emma admits there was more sex than talking! Emma takes Adam to an organic cafe, where she tries to pretend she’s into vegetarian food but they laugh when Adam reveals he loves a steak! As Emma and Adam are clearly smitten, meanwhile, Howard is phoning around some ex-girlfriends, who all turn out to be in relationships. Later, Howard logs on to a dating website and flicks through the photos – why should Emma have all the fun?

Also, Al fights to prove his innocence when a patient makes a serious accusation against him. And, back from her week away, Karen’s learned she actually likes her kids.