There’s a new face in the ED in the shape of mental health nurse Kirsty Clements, played by Being Human and Cutting It star Lucy Gaskell.

Fiery and vivacious with a dirty laugh, Kirsty makes an immediate impression on her colleagues, and not necessarily a good one. Her forceful nature soon has her at loggerheads with Ruth, and she doesn’t impress Tess either by fighting with a patient. Jay starts the rumour mill by telling everyone Kirsty left her last job under a cloud…

Jordan has a blackout before getting to work and arrives at the emergency department with a head wound. He shrugs off Zoe’s concerns and goes in pursuit of funding for the hospital from board member Robert.

On Yuki’s first day back at work one of his patients dies. Will it tip him back over the edge?

A heavily pregnant Shona shows up and begs Charlie for money. When he discovers a bottle of vodka in her bag he puts his foot down and refuses to help her anymore.

Jordan tells Zoe about his black-out, but dismisses her concerns for a second time. He then suggests that perhaps they could be a regular couple and even have kids. Zoe’s now left with a dilemma – will she tell the love of her life she can’t have children?