A new girl cries rape

Life among the posh new pupils and the old school at Waterloo Road goes from bad to worse when a much-liked student is accused of attempted rape. The pupils take sides and the staff also have their own views. Surprisingly, though, two staff members see eye to eye on one particular subject…

The allegation of sexual assault comes from new Year 10 pupil Amy, a spiteful girl who’s not beyond lying to get what she wants. But is she telling the truth when she says that Year 12 boy Bolton attacked her in the girls’ toilets? Bolton insists he did nothing wrong and Head Teacher Rachel is inclined to believe him; they’ve been through a lot together and she knows he’s not the troublesome lad he once was. But Executive Head Teacher Max decides he’s going to handle this incident. Will Bolton have anyone fighting his corner? He might like to think he can count on Kim, who’s Head of Pastoral Care, but she’s agreed to have dinner with Max, so how clearly is she thinking? And his girlfriend Michaela has her own problems when new English teacher ‘Hopeless’ Hopewell (as the kids call her) says the girl pushed her down the stairs.

French teacher Steph’s struggling, too… She has her first appraisal from her new department head and it is not ‘tres bon’.

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