A new machine causes chaos!

Mrs Tembe is not impressed with the arrival of a patient feedback machine, especially as the noise it emits drives the reception staff up the wall! Mrs Tembe’s day only gets worse as she tries to plan the summer fayre and discovers she has massively over-ordered on supplies.

Ayesha grows concerned for patient Jenna who seems to be victim to a lot of mishaps, which can’t easily be explained. Concerned, Ayesha goes to see Heston who reveals Jenna hasn’t given the whole story. A distressed Jenna starts to remember that her sister Cally died in a car accident and realises she’s been keeping her sister ‘alive’, while putting herself in dangerous situations as punishment for her sister’s death.

Daniel’s out of his depth when a Muslim patient tells him she’s considering cosmetic surgery and asks Ruhma to talk to her. When Ruhma’s finished, she jokes that she told the patient to run for the hills. Daniel doesn’t get the joke and snaps at her. Ruhma vents to Heston but he defends Daniel; at least he asked Ruhma’s advice. Begrudgingly Ruhma apologises to Daniel.