Chas is interrogated by Barraclough and Dasari over her attack on Rosemary and she tries to dismiss it as a misunderstanding. But things take a sinister turn when the horse’s head bust stolen by Eli is identified as the murder weapon. The Dingles are horrified when both Chas and Eli are arrested on suspicion of murdering Tom King.

The King brothers consult Tom’s solicitor and Rosemary worries that they are plotting against her. Mitchell tells the lads that in the event of Tom’s death, his will stated that the property development would be sold and any money is to be used to pay debts at Home Farm Estates. The brothers are horrified when it’s clear that Rosemary does in fact stand to benefit from their father’s death and they wonder if it could have been a motive for murder.

Daz is distraught when he fails almost all his mock exams and he bemoans his lot to Jack and says he worries that he’ll always be playing catch up. Daz tells Jack that he’s made a promise to himself not to end up like his jailbird dad and a worried Jack promises to help him sort out a career.

Elsewhere, Viv destroys Chas’s alibi when she talks to the police.