West end star Lee Mead becomes Casualty’s newest recruit this week when he pops up as a ‘phantom’ in the attic of young nurse Robyn!

Forgetting her purse one morning, Robyn heads home only to discover a half naked man ironing a shirt in her kitchen! When he makes a run for it, she chases him only to injure her foot on a rake. And, surprisingly, her intruder – who we later discover is called Ben – stays to help her.

At the emergency department nosey nurse Robyn does her best to find out more about Ben. After some difficulty he opens up and reveals he’s actually a nurse, but has been kicked out by his parents, who he’s been sponging off for years!

Instead of grassing him to the police kind-hearted Robyn helps Ben get a job at the hospital and even asks him to move into the spare room at her flat with Max. Will she come to regret her kindness to Lofty – as Ben is soon nicknamed?

Elsewhere porter Max’s lying comes to a head when he’s caught out by someone playing him at his own game. But Max’s loss is Noel’s gain!

Junior doctor Lily files a formal complaint against her mentor Ash, after he untruthfully tells her a patient has died in order to teach her a valuable lesson.