Morag has cast serious doubt over the contract Marilyn drew up for adopting Nicole’s baby. Nicole struggles to deal with the pressure and confusion coming from all parties. Though Morag is just trying to look out for Nicole, Nicole feels like she is being treated like a prize cow. Finally, Nicole decides to leave Summer Bay to spend some time with her mother.

Angelo reckons he needs to boost business for his restaurant. He comes up with an idea: Singles Night at Angelo’s. Despite all his efforts, though, the party starts off slow and it doesn’t look like it will work. Until… local surfing gang The River Boys arrive. They’re led by the Braxton Brothers. The boys cause quite a stir and what starts out as fun soon turns rough, and results in a brawl inside the restaurant. Miles makes a surprise return to Summer Bay and immediately gets caught up in the fight.

Liam is preoccupied with preparing for a gig at Angelo’s and Bianca is missing the attention they attracted since they ran off. Though she’s dropped plenty of hints, Liam doesn’t notice how frustrated Bianca’s getting at their new, quiet way of life. Finally, she confronts him and after a bit of a row, they make up.

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