Bash (Bleak House star Tony Haygarth), Danny’s old tutor and Rosie’s godfather, is on his way from England to help Danny expand Leopard’s Den, to the disgruntlement of Du Plessis.

The new arrival is thrown straight in at the deep end when a sick cheetah starts attacking goats in the local village. He thinks the creature’s abscess is serious enough that it should be put down, but Danny insists they operate to save its life.

Later, when Bash confuses Sarah with Danny’s first wife, Miranda, they realise he isn’t too well. Rosie is even more disturbed when she overhears Bash telling Sarah that her mother left Danny for another man when she was a baby. Sarah thinks Bash may be suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s, but Danny ignores her advice.

He is soon forced to face some home truths when Bash brings a poisonous snake into the house and promptly goes missing in the bush. Like the cheetah, Danny realises that Bash is too old and frail to survive in Africa and they get ready to send him home. Meanwhile, Rosie finally learns the truth about her mum.