A paedophile attacks Britney!

The second episode of this two-part special. Britney, suspended from school, has arranged to meet a man she’s been talking to online. But Lenny, having spotted the rebellious teenager getting into the stranger’s car, has raised the alarm.

Linda, not wanting to lose her niece to social services, decides not to report the incident to the police, but instead does detective work of her own…

She checks CCTV footage, and what she finds there leads her to a block of flats. Meanwhile, Britney is becoming increasingly uneasy – and alarm bells ring when ‘Jason’ asks her to model some clothes for him.

Britney manages to escape the clutches of her the convicted sex offender and vows to Linda she’ll turn over a new leaf.

Elsewhere, Lloyd and Scarlett have an argument about his family. Is it make-or-break time for the couple? And, after a grueling day, Linda throws a farewell party for Lenny who begins his new life in London.