A patient lodges a complaint

Sid is shocked to learn that a patient, Barbara, has made a complaint against the surgery, but Howard simply calls her Liaison Officer, Jake, who arrives to calm her down. Jake suddenly has a panic attack and Sid discovers Jake actually left his job ages ago. The penny drops – this is a simple case of two lonely people who need to be together.

Emma takes delivery of a flatpack wardrobe for Ayesha and warns Niamh not to help because she’s a control freak. Niamh tries to ignore Ayesha’s calls for help but is soon firing out orders. But she then manages to glue herself inside the wardrobe, while Emma and Ayesha giggle and sneak out of the room.

Howard suggests Zara might not be up to mentoring Sid but she insists she is more than capable of handling an over-zealous F2. But later, a furious Zara hears Sid telling a patient they have all the time in the world hence ignoring her warning about spending too long with patients.