At The Diner, Ric and Matilda don’t get very far trying to cheer Lucas up, especially when a jovial Drew and Belle walk in. Lucas agrees to Ric and Matilda’s suggestion to go camping but when they get there, he’s upset to see Belle and Drew setting up a rival camp.

When it starts to rain, Belle and Drew’s makeshift camp doesn’t provide them with much shelter. Taking pity on them, Ric and Matilda invite Belle and Drew into their tent, but things soon turn awkward with Lucas erupting at Belle in fury. Drew and Belle flee the tent but lose their way in dark bushland, where they slip and dangerously fall down the side of a cliff.

Kim explains he was looking through James’ bag because he saw him talking to a drug dealer. After James protests he’s innocent of any wrongdoing, Kit attacks Kim for invading James’ privacy and digging into his bad side.

Rachel thinks Kim is jealous of James, but Kim denies it and informs Rachel of James’ weed habit. Later, when Kim refuses Kit’s request to apologise to James, Kit says she’ll have to reconsider his role in their baby’s life. Meanwhile, in his car down at the beach, James rolls himself another joint…

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday June 12*

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