A proposition for Sid

Alan, Stu’s father, wants to call a truce and has a proposition for Sid. If Sid drops the charges against Stu, Alan will drop the charges against Sid’s assault on him at the hospital. As Sid considers this, Dex finally summons the courage to break some news to his dad. Despite his high HSC marks, he does not want to be a doctor.

Sasha secretly meets up with Stu, and tries to lure him into breaching his court order so that Alan will drop the charges against her Dad. Stu catches up with Sasha later and reveals he’s leaving Summer Bay for good. If she wants to make things right for her dad, she should get in the car and they can talk privately.

Later, Sasha returns home battered and bruised. Dex and Xavier come to her defence. They confront Stu’s father, but Gina intervenes, admonishing Xavier for jeopardising his prospects of joining the Police Academy.

Romeo feels uncomfortable in his new role selling apartments for the resort development with Dennis. He jumps at the chance to take a client out surfing, but it sends the wrong message to Dennis and puts his new career in jeopardy.