A teenage girl claims she has been raped and DC Mickey Webb believes her. What he doesn’t realise � yet � is that the rape happened years ago!

Mickey’s got Grant Shepherd as a suspect for the sexual assault on Caitlin Macey but there’s no forensic evidence. Anyway, Mickey’s not sure Grant’s guilty. Frustrated but determined to crack the case, Mickey talks to DI Neil Manson, who gives him one more day to investigate.

Mickey goes to talk to the family again, with DC Jacob ‘Banksy’ Banks and Pc Mel Ryder. When the officers get to Caitlin’s home, though, they’re horrified to discover that she has tried to kill herself with an overdose of pills.

After medical treatment, Mickey questions Caitlin again. She’s confused about the details of her attack and it becomes clear that Caitlin wasn’t raped recently � the assault happened at a family party two years earlier. Back at Caitlin’s home, mum Lorraine and stepfather Craig are stunned by what Mickey tells them. But they have a film of the party and give it to Mickey.

What he sees on it leads him to haul Craig in for questioning. But has Mickey got the right man this time? He finds out when Caitlin calls him and says she finally remembers who raped her at the party…