After a fruitless search, Annie finally hears Jonah’s cries for help from the depths of the mine and a rescue mission is launched. However, although Jonah can communicate with the rescuers via the air vent, he’s unaware if Martha is still alive after being separated during the last cave-in.

The rescuers manage to save Jonah but McGrath reckons it’s too dangerous to continue looking for Martha. Alf refuses to give up, and eventually Martha is found alive. Everyone is finally lifted out of the mine to safety, but a shaken Martha is left feeling increasingly confused about her feelings towards Jonah.

Since Jack, Rory and San are away, Rachel suggests she and Tam go on a picnic together. They have a good day, but later at the Diner, they argue when Rachel refuses to give Tam any money to go out. However, as Rachel heads home, she discovers that her purse, and Tam are missing.

Also, without Brad, Cassie and Ric around to help out, Sally’s finding it difficult to keep up with her enormous workload. And life gets even worse when Hodge announces the school staff are considering calling a stop work meeting as they feel Sally’s other commitments are having a detrimental effect on the school.