With the prospect of going into witness protection, Mark invites Kate out for a picnic, in a bid to see if there is a chance for them. However, Kate’s oblivious to Mark’s intentions until Sophie points out that Mark didn’t just invite her for a picnic, he asked her out on a date.

Sitting by the lake, Mark tells Kate he still loves her. Taken aback, Kate tells him she thinks they should stay friends for the time being, and Mark is clearly disappointed. Following Kate’s rejection, Mark decides to go into protection, telling his boss there’s nothing keeping him there.

Desperate for his dad and girlfriend to get on, Andrew organises a lunch for Summer and Paul to get to know each other. Summer’s reluctant at first but when she sees how much it means to Andrew, she agrees. Despite the bad start, Summer soon impresses Paul with her knowledge of the media and Andrew listens on relieved.

However, when Andrew reveals he plans to go to uni, rather than not working for Lassiters, Paul’s not happy. Back to the game playing, Paul offers Summer an internship at the paper if she talks Andrew out of going to uni. Summer’s tempted but turns Paul down, until he talks her round.

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