A romantic evening for Karen and Rob

Karen reveals to Jack and Imogen that Rob is coming around for dinner. She tells Jack to make himself scarce so he tells Imogen that she’s going out with him. She’s delighted and they head off leaving a nervous Karen to let in a nervous Rob.

In the kitchen, Karen reminisces about Rob’s grandparents and they slide back into a comfortable place with each other, lips puckering up as they are interrupted by Patsy, the nosy neighbour. Despite ignoring her, she lets herself in using a spare key and decides to make herself at home.

Rob quickly gets rid of her, and he and Karen get back to dinner. Emotional, Karen recounts her miscarriage and how it felt different to the abortion. She locks herself in the toilet where they finally open up to each other.

Karen finally comes out and goes to get another drink but they’re interrupted by loud music from a car outside… Rob goes outside and tells the driver, Carl, that he should get lost.

Back inside and once again, Rob and Karen are interrupted by a drunk Imogen on the phone. Jack and Karen argue in the kitchen, he was supposed to be looking after Imogen.

Later on, Rob tentatively gets into bed with Karen, both thankful for their evening of soul searching. Both of them take each others hands and in mirrored movements they switch off their bedside lamps.

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