A row with Nicola leads Jimmy to crash!

Exhausted after working all night in the office, Jimmy’s done in. As Bernice and Gabby move in, Nicola lets slip that her sister knew about her kissing Steve. The admission leads to a huge row and there’s no time to make up as Jimmy heads out on a haulage job. Ignoring Nicola’s calls, Jimmy’s trying to shake off his tiredness but loses control of the van, which careers off the road…

Moira appeals to Debbie for help to get Cain out of the picture so she can sell the farm. The mechanic is thrown when Moira and Debbie later tell him to pack his bags as he’s off on holiday as of tomorrow! And with that, it’s full steam ahead for cash-strapped Moira.

Knowing that Amy wishes she’d snatched Kyle, Andy tells Victoria, who in turn tells Val. Worried about her adopted daughter, Val confronts the issue. Tracking down Andy to the Woolpack, furious Amy gives him what for.