A sad farewell to Leopard’s Den?

As they prepare to leave their beloved Leopard’s Den, everyone is resigned to the inevitable. Everyone, that is, except the headstrong Du Plessis, who simply refuses to accept the fact that he has lost his home. His stance is a source of frustration to Danny and Alice because he won’t use his share of the money from the sale of the land to buy somewhere else, meaning that the vets have been unable to find somewhere new to live.

As a temporary measure, they all move into Fatani’s bar, with Danny reaching an agreement with Peeters to set up a field hospital in the bush near Leopard’s Den, until all their animals have been re-homed. Du Plessis, meanwhile, claims squatters’ rights and enthusiastically starts setting up camp.

Living at Fatani’s isn’t an ideal arrangement for anyone and, when Jana the cheetah bites a customer, the row that follows results in the family moving out to join Du Plessis in his camp out in the bush.

But how will they all cope in this dangerous environment as night falls and the electricity generator suddenly fails?