A scheming Paul agrees to help Mason

Enjoying a meal with Kate, Paul is in a jovial mood, revealing he has won Council approval for the Lassiters development. Mason shows up and Paul invites him to join them. The next day, Mason discovers the legal fees for his hearing will be expensive. Without consulting Mason, Kate asks Paul to help. Later, Paul surprises Mason by offering the services of his lawyer Tim Collins. Matt confronts Paul but his concerns are appeased when he realises Paul is doing it for Kate’s benefit. However, Paul instructs Tim to lose Mason’s hearing.

Bailey’s attraction to Rani grows and he tells Mason. Mason suggests Bailey deliberately stuff up his performances so he’ll be demoted from the role of Raj. Bailey takes Mason’s advice and messes up during rehearsals.

Despite his own vested interests, Callum persuades Bailey not to drop out, explaining how important the play is to Rani. Bailey reluctantly returns but the electricity between him and Rani remains palpable.

Kyle visits Georgia with Scotty and leaves them to talk. Georgia and Scotty have a heart-to-heart, which eventually offers Georgia a degree of closure. She finds Kyle to thank him and apologises for her recent erratic behaviour, claiming she is ready for their relationship now.