Chas is worried when DS Wise informs her Sandra, Aaron’s stepmum, has denied any knowledge of Gordon sexually abusing Aaron. She turns to Cain who promises his stressed-out sister he’ll talk to Aaron. But just as Cain manages to persuade Aaron to drop the battle they’re losing against Gordon, DS Wise drops another bombshell. A second victim has come forward!

Aaron’s relieved to hear it’s not his little sister, Liv. Later, Robert meets Sandra’s neighbour Ryan and slips him some cash in exchange for his claim against Gordon…

When vicar Ashley hears Gabby broke into Pollard’s and stole Val’s engagement ring, causing the widowed pensioner huge angst at the worst time of his life, he’s furious. At Home Farm, he tells Bernice he wants their daughter to live with him from now on. Lawrence manages to calm down Ashley, who’s heartened to hear Gabby will be punished for her appalling deeds. Lawrence’s paternal skills give Ashley an idea about his daughter’s future.

Paddy and Rhona’s efforts to hide their fractured marriage from the locals falls flat when they have a blazing row in the car. Pearl clocks it and tells Vanessa. Worse still, Pearl is worried that Rhona is back on the pills.