A secretive Matt opens up to Sasha

Sasha finds Matt looking after his sick little sister by himself. Matt eventually tells her that their family is broke. His father does nothing but drink and his mother left. Leah learns from Spencer that Sasha had been through her student files in order to get Matt’s home address. Matt eventually texts Sasha back while Maddy convinces Spencer to make up with Sasha. Matt apologies to Sasha and they have one final hug goodbye… which is seen by Spencer. Sasha tries to repair things with Spencer but he decides that they can no longer be friends.

Marilyn continues to impose on John and Jett, cooking them healthy meals much to their dismay. It eventually become too much for John, who criticises Marilyn’s efforts. Marilyn walks out with John left feeling terrible. Later, John apologises for his outburst while Marilyn apologises for imposing on John and Jett’s system.

Brax, Heath and Casey’s trip to London leaves a stressed Kyle running both the restaurant and the gym. He yells at Maddy and threatens to fire Spencer. Tamara tells him to close the gym for ten minutes so he can calm down. Tamara learns of Brax, Heath and Casey’s trip overseas and offers to help run the restaurant. At Tamara’s suggestion, Kyle leaves Phoebe a message expressing regret that they broke up.

Also, Colleen’s attempts for companionship from Alf and Roo take a new turn when she sends them a giant stuffed Elvis bear with instructions for one of them to bring it back to Las Vegas for her. Alf eventually convinces Roo to make the trip to Vegas.