A shock arrival jeopardises Rebecca’s big day

Paul and Rebecca finally come to an understanding of the respect they have for each other and their wedding is back on. When the big day arrives the scene at the bride’s house is one of calm and serenity. However, the scene at the groom’s house could not be more different. Paul, Elle and Donna endure more than their fair share of pre-wedding disasters, including spoiled shirts, two outfit changes and a broken down car.

Elle is forced to accept Lucas’ offer of help, while Rebecca becomes increasingly worried that Paul’s delay means that something is wrong. As Elle and Lucas discuss the state of their relationship under the guise of mechanical repairs, Paul’s only thoughts are with Rebecca.

Paul knows Rebecca deserves this to be the best day of her life and he doesn’t want to let her down. Paul’s determined to make sure Rebecca doesn’t believe he has deserted her all over again but, even when he gets to the wedding on time, a shocking surprise arrival ruins everything.