Georgia is told to keep it a secret that Janine Morgan, one of the richest women in the country, is at Erinsborough Hospital. When Paul announces he’s going to back the centre in Council, Nick’s thrilled, but his good mood vanishes when he discovers Georgia’s made a complaint against him. However, the Board of Directors soon reveals that Janine Morgan has accused Georgia of posting a comment about her on social media. Georgia’s adamant she didn’t but is shocked to see the incriminating post and she’s suspended.

After pulling an all-nighter working for Dimato, Tyler finds Paige struggling to cope after Matt’s death and ditches work to help her. But his good deed gets him in trouble with Brennan when he discovers he hasn’t been to work. Later, Michelle gives Tyler an envelope full of cash from Mr Dimato, thanking him for a job well done, and there’s plenty more where that came from.

Wanting to reignite the spark in their relationship, Brennan and Naomi organise a night of fun at Lassiters Hotel… however, when Naomi takes Paul home post-chemo treatment and witnesses how sick he is, she stands Brennan up to nurse him.