Peter confesses to Steve that Tina wants him to move away with her, but he loves Carla and wants to stay in Weatherfield. Meanwhile, Tina tells Rita that she’s having an affair with Peter and a horrified Rita slaps her. Later, Carla drags a reluctant Peter to Tracy’s engagement party, but Peter is desperate to talk to Tina to avoid her spilling the beans. As Carla lets slip that she’s pregnant, Tina walks in and all her hopes for the future are dashed.

Anna’s less than enthused when Owen surprises her with a birthday treat of a night in a posh hotel. As he pours her a drink, Anna’s reminded of her hotel deal with Phelan and struggles to keep her emotions under control.

Eva unwittingly lets slip to a shocked Gail that Leanne’s been seeing Kal behind Nick’s back. 

Also, as Tracy heads off to her engagement party, she assures Tony she’s still up for collecting the stolen goods.