Frustrated that Kate still won’t speak to him, Declan throws himself into Diana’s plan to oust Paul and his family from power at Lassiters. Diana warns that they have limited time to act before Rosemary will realise what’s going on. The pair plan to vote against Rosemary, bringing her and her supporters down.

With the conference call to America due, Diana is unable to get hold of Declan, as he’s trying to win Kate back. Meanwhile, Paul and Andrew have been watching Diana and Declan and have discovered their plan. Paul informs Rosemary who tells him they need to act fast. When Diana enters Declan’s office, she is shocked to see Paul sitting in the chair, informing her that Rosemary has fired her.

Kate finally gives in and tells Declan they need to talk. He tells her he is sorry for shutting her out and if she’ll forgive him, he’ll never do it again. However, Kate tells him she saw him and Candace kissing and storms out.

Summer continues to invest in Chris’ problems as a way of avoiding her own feelings about his sexuality. Savvy Lyn is on to her and, when Summer’s well-meaning plans fail, she’s on hand to pick up the pieces. Offering to help Chris talk to his parents, Lyn ensures Chris returns safely home.

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