A social worker reveals Rhiannon’s true colours

Emma is disturbed when she talks to social worker Jane Fairweather and learns the true extent of the neglect, which led Rhiannon’s first baby to be taken into care. It was some of the worst conditions the police officers involved had ever seen…

Daniel meets an old friend who has found happiness with a much younger woman, but the news that she’s pregnant threatens to derail their relationship. Daniel tries to help them get back on track, but it soon becomes clear their relationship is built on lies.

Heston and Ruhma go on a mini break to Stratford on Avon. Ruhma’s been looking forward to spending some quality time with Heston, but something always seems to get in the way. Heston’s upset, however, that Ruhma won’t discuss moving in with the kids, and he thinks it’s because she views him as too old.