It’s the long-awaited camping trip where Dave intends to put the final part of his revenge masterplan into action. He lets Mike and Katherine go for a hike on their own, then hopes to shoot Katherine from a distance and blame her death on reckless local hunters at the National Park. He wants to leave Mike suffering with the grief of losing a loved one. But it doesn’t go according to plan after Edie calls him on his mobile phone just as he’s about to take a shot and it causes him to miss. Freaked out, Mike and Katherine decide to head back home…

After her research with the local newspaper, Edie has finally rumbled what Dave is up to and she confronts her unhinged hubby when he gets home. There’s a violent skirmish where he almost strangles her. Luckily she escapes into the car, and drives off in a hurry. Disaster strikes, however, when she swerves to miss Orson who’s running away from a burglary. Edie ploughs straight into an electricity pylon and she’s electrocuted when she steps out of the car. Is she dead?

A psychiatrist diagnoses that the root cause of Orson’s stealing compulsion is that he does it to humiliate Bree. Her illustrious cookery career is getting in the way of a good relationship. She decides it might be time to sell up the catering business, but after some persuasion from son Andrew and some stubbornness by Orson, she changes her mind at the last minute. Is it the end of her marriage?

Susan has a new pupil, Evan, in her art class – and to her astonishment it turns out he’s the son of her ex-husband Carl. She’s at a loss what to do, especially when he starts handing in some very disturbed drawings. A massive row with Carl in the head’s office scuppers Susan’s plan to keep her past history with Carl hush-hush.

Gaby thinks she can tempt Carlos to bed with some kinky sex games, but he’s too tired and simply ties her up so he can get some shut-eye for a few hours.

Lynette clashes with Carlos’s ex, Lucy, at the office, so she sets her up for a big fall after using Carlos and Gaby’s bratty kids to destroy her glass figurines collection.