A spurned Tina plots her revenge

Steph tells Tina she needs to forget about the affair, but it’s clear Tina wants payback. As Peter accompanies Carla to a business meeting at the Rovers, Tina stares scornfully at him, leaving Peter wondering when she’ll take her revenge.

Owen is pushed to the brink of despair when Phelan introduces him and Gary to his new site foreman, Clive. Intent on making Owen’s life hell he immediately starts throwing his weight around. Stealing Clive’s lighter, Owen sends Gary home. Plainly on edge Owen builds a bonfire at the site and takes out the lighter, ready to destroy everything.

When Marcus gets a call from Liam’s child-minder to say she can’t get hold of Maria, Marcus insists he’ll pick up Liam. Todd warns him that Maria won’t be happy, but Marcus is willing to risk her wrath to help Liam.

Also, Kirk’s concerned when Beth books herself an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon for a breast enlargement; Sophie and Tim are shocked when a social worker calls at No 4 and demands to know why Maddie hasn’t been seen at her lodgings, bearing in mind she’s under 18.