Tina tells Peter she’ll come with him to the flat to tell Carla the truth, but Peter doesn’t intend to tell Carla and says he need to do it on his own. Carla’s devastated to find she’s pregnant and when Peter finds her upset she lies and tells him she’s grieving for her stepdad. Tina waits nervously in the Rovers, but is gutted when Carla walks in and smiles at her. Realising Peter’s let her down, Tina explodes and slaps him.

Todd makes quiet digs at Marcus when Maria shows him some house details. Fiz picks up on the tension and is later left intrigued when Marcus collars Todd in the ginnel and tells him to stay away.

Andrea tells Steve to grow up as it’s clear he’s jealous of her relationship with Lloyd. Tony later takes a scared Steve to one side and asks him if he’s got a problem with his seeing Liz. Steve assures him he’s fine about it.

Also, Maddie kisses Sophie and suggests they go to bed, but Sophie isn’t ready and refuses; and Fiz tells Roy that Hayley’s ashes are ready for collection and offers to accompany him to the crematorium.