A dark and mysterious figure pulls up on a motorbike outside a casino: it’s Stitch, Holby’s newest consultant – though he doesn’t know it yet. Nathan is also at the casino: losing money and getting very drunk. Stitch spots a female croupier at the blackjack table running a ‘top-hatting’ scam with a shifty looking man. He drags her outside and orders her to end the scam and she reluctantly agrees.

Later, the croupier meets the shady character in the underground car park and he gets angry when she reveals she wants to end their arrangement. Just as Stitch enters the car park to check up on the croupier, she’s slashed across the face. Spotting Nathan close by, Stitch demands his help. Nathan’s impressed with Stitch’s work and learns that he’s a consultant in emergency medicine.

At the hospital, Nathan introduces Selena to Stitch but she isn’t as impressed by him and tension mounts as Stitch tries to take over Selena’s treatment of the croupier. He pressures Selena and Guppy to treat what he thinks is a tracheal bronchial injury – Selena thinks otherwise but a power cut means that she can’t use radiology to prove that she’s right.

That night, Stitch tells Selena he’s looking forward to working with her – as he leaves the hospital with a sexy nurse…

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