A stolen laptop means lives are in danger

When an MI5 laptop is stolen from an agent in the street in what is clearly a targeted attack, it’s all hands on deck at HQ.

The missing computer has files of the utmost importance held on it, and although encrypted, everyone is concerned. It doesn’t take long before files are leaked online. The internet’s awash with secrets, including the names of some of their spies, who are immediately put in grave danger. Harry, Ruth and the team immediately have a race against time to stop whoever is leaking the information. But it’s too late for one agent who is murdered.

Meanwhile, Sasha Gavrik confronts his mother – Elena – about her relationship with Harry. He tells her that he knows she’s a spy working against Russia for Britain. Clearly upset, Sasha struggles to come to terms with the fact that his mother has betrayed her husband and her country.

Plus, Tariq is busy at home tracing CCTV footage to try and discover who took the laptop. But just as he thinks he’s discovered who’s responsible, he realises that his computer’s been bugged. Trying to make it back to the office, he’s intercepted and killed.