A stranger comes looking for Brax

Ricky is glad that she and Brax are completely at peace and devoted to one another. So when a handsome stranger is looking for Brax, Ricky immediately worries he could have a connection to Jake Pirovic.

The police want to question Spencer after his fight with Keith but Spencer won’t make a statement, claiming Chris is taking him to the police station. However, when Spencer goes AWOL, they realise he lied, but little do they know he’s visiting Keith in hospital. Later, they urge Spencer to tell the police the truth as Keith is pressing charges.

Recovering from his horrific ordeal, things get worse for Nate when Sophie becomes jealous that Hannah is in charge of his care. Sophie accuses Hannah of being incompetent and when Nate stands to intervene he collapses.

When John suggests he and Jett should start a new business together called Palmer & Son, Jett is a little unsure if he should call him Dad.