Bethany lashes out, suggesting Sarah should put the baby up for adoption as she’s a terrible mother. As Kylie scrapes cake off the wall, Sarah frets about Bethany, convinced there’s more to this than a teenage strop. Bethany returns and tells Sarah how sorry she is for being such a cow. As she heads home Bethany sobs as her phone beeps again and again with one abusive text after another.

Eva confides in Liz that Aidan’s taken a hardline approach to her mistake with the O’Driscolls. Meanwhile Billy suggests that by using the tracker app on the phone she stole, they could find Marta.

Erica breaks the ice with Dev, likening them to the contestants on First Dates. Dev relaxes and, telling her the kids are at a sleepover, invites her back to No.7.

Eileen demands to know what Michael’s beef is with Phelan but he struggles to put it into words. Having earwigged on Norris and Mary’s campaign chat, Sally announces she’s going to be the face of family values.