A student dies after taking Quack

Liam and Finn make up bags of Quack but Finn worries Liam’s questionnaire is too long and will put customers off. Edward arrives to buy more Quack and answers some questions from Liam in return for a further discount. Liam is worried he isn’t going to get enough students to sign up in order to make the trial viable. He explains to Finn just how much this means to him.

Meanwhile, Chris agrees to talk about the dangers of Quack on his afternoon radio show. However, there’s a new guy in charge of the radio station called Ash who doesn’t want Chris to even do a show let alone use it to depress everyone about the bad effects of taking drugs. Chris phones Mandy and gets her to call into the show to ask about Quack, and when ‘Mindy’ calls, Ash freaks when she mentions Quack.

As a furious Ash tells Chris to leave, Mandy calls with news of Edward’s death and Chris makes an announcement on air. As Finn and Liam listen to Chris’s show, Finn is horrified when he hears the news and wants to stop selling immediately. He says he wants no further part in the trial, rips up Liam’s questionnaires and tries to flush the remaining capsules. Suddenly the obvious solution comes to Liam and he takes a dose himself…